"Friendly Fire" - Camp Stove Class

A survey of camping stoves and fire starting techniques:

  • Solid Fuel Stoves
  • Alcohol Burning Stoves
  • Non-Alcohol Liquid Fueled Stoves
  • Gas Stoves
  • Electricity Generating Wood Stoves
  • Primitive fire and stove techniques
  • Check out our Camp Stove Guide
  • Class at Mighty Hatchet, 254 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

  • In true campsite fashion, we will be cooking food for all to share, so come hungry. Also, all participants get a Mighty Hatchet patch and 10% off all stoves.

    "Maps and Legends" - Compass and Map Class

    An essential survival skill, learning the tradition use of a compass as a navigation tool can someday get you out of a tough situation. Limited to 10 participants, who each get a free compass and a Mighty Hatchet patch.

    (11/13/18: Note: we have reached 10 participants for 11/26/18 class...more can sign up but wont get a free compass)

  • How to use a Compass
  • How to read a topographic map
  • Check out our Compass and Map Guide
  • Class at Mighty Hatchet, 254 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

  • The 10 Essentials

    Packing the “Ten Essentials” whenever you step into the backcountry, even on day hikes, is a good habit. On a basic trip you may use only a few of them or none at all. It’s when something goes awry that you’ll truly appreciate the value of carrying these items that could be essential to your survival.

    "It's better to be looking at something than looking for something"

    Mighty Hatchet 10 Essentials Gear Guide

    "Wilderness First Aid" - $195

    Class starts promptly at 9am!

    ASHI’s Wilderness First Aid program is designed to
    meet or exceed the Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First
    Aid Curriculum and Doctrine Guidelines, 2017 Edition. The
    program includes a robust PowerPoint presentation and a
    greater focus on hands-on skills and scenario practices.

    Intended audience

    Individuals who are not healthcare providers or professional rescuers but desire or are required to be certified in wilderness first aid knowledge and skills.

    Class configurations

    • Max student to instructor ratio: 10 to 1

    • Recommended student to equipment ratio: 3 to 1

    ASHI-approved training materials

    Instructor materials

    • Wilderness First Aid Instructor Guide (one per instructor;
    print or digital)
    • Skills Demonstration DVD (Please note this component
    is currently being finalized. It will be shipped at a later
    date to Training Centers that purchase the Program

    Student materials

    • Student Book (one per participant; print or digital)

    Digital resources

    • Online access to support materials including program


    • Streaming video player
    • Track past, present and future classes through TC portal

    Recognized certification period

    Up to 2 years

    Successful completion (certification)

    • Written evaluation: When not required by a regulatory
    agency, it is optional.
    • Performance evaluation: All students must perform
    required skills competently without assistance.

    Course topics

    • Wilderness First Aid
    • Protecting Yourself
    • Legal Considerations
    • Moving and Lifting
    • Scene Assessment
    • Initial Assessment
    • Focused Assessment
    • Shock
    • Control of Bleeding
    • Major Wounds
    • Facial Injuries
    • Minor Wounds
    • Cleaning, Closing, and Dressing Wounds
    • Burns
    • Head, Neck, or Back Injuries
    • Musculoskeletal Injuries
    • Extended Injury Management
    • Altered Mental Status
    • Breathing Difficulty, Shortness of Breath
    • Abdominal Problems
    • Pain, Severe Pressure, or Discomfort in Chest
    • Poisoning
    • Heat Emergencies
    • Cold Emergencies
    • Bites and Stings
    • Submersion (Drowning)
    • Lightning Strikes
    • Altitude Illnesses
    • Emotional Considerations
    • First Aid Kits
    • Protection from the Elements
    • Water and Food

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